Allen MIDI Assistant™ is sequencing made simple!

MIDI Assistant

MIDI Assistant includes over 200 conveniently organized hymn MIDI files and hundreds of other MIDI sequences suitable for use as preludes, offertories or postludes:

  • Command Performances by Carlo Curley, Devon Hollingsworth, and Thomas Hazleton
  • Hymn Performance Series
  • Wedding, Memorial and Patriotic Selections
  • Traditional, Lent, Easter and Christmas Voluntaries
  • Theatre Organ Selections

Allen MIDI Assistant™, a MIDI Sequencer created especially for organists. Practical in design and featuring an optional easy-to-use wireless remote control, MIDI Assistant offers a truly integrated system of organ and sequencer.

An exclusive "Search" function offers accurate registration and expression settings of Allen organs, even if playback is started from the middle of a selection. A playback volume adjustment allows even high-volume recordings to be used as quiet background music.

The MIDI Assistant offers many organs virtually unlimited capture memories through its automatic capture save and load functions. Its USB drive provides the storage capacity for hundreds of sequences.

Ease of use and unprecedented flexibility combine with legendary Allen quality to make MIDI Assistant an important new tool for organists.

MIDI Assistant's USB Flash Drive provides convenient storage for hundreds of sequences and organ capture files. The MIDI Assistant USB "stick" can also be connected to a PC for advanced file management or downloading of sequences and files from other sources.


MIDI Assistant Front Panel


  • 16 Character X 2 lines backlit liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Control keys: Record, Stop/Search, Play/Continue, Pause, Left, Right, Delete, Function, +/Yes, -/No
  • LED indicator shows remote control activity


  • MIDI In, Thru, Out Connections
  • 2 USB ports
  • 12 VDC power input
MIDI Assistant Rear Panel
MIDI Assistant Remote


  • 2 6-foot MIDI cables
  • 1GB USB Flash Drive™ (actual capacity may vary)
  • Power supply (specifications vary by country)

The palm-sized MIDI Assistant Remote Control allows you to operate MIDI Assistant while away from the organ console.

  • 433 MHz radio frequency Remote Control and USB Receiver
  • 6-foot USB extension cable